A little about Maple Syrup.

It was breakfast and we were having waffles.  I was excited that we had 100% Maple Syrup.  I have always loved Maple Syrup and I hadn’t had any for years. I poured it on my waffles, it was thinner than I expected.  I tasted it, and it lacked that flavour, that deep, rich, maple flavour.  It was still good, but it was not how I remembered it at all.  So, Google and I investigated (we make a good team, Google and I).

The 100% Maple Syrup you get at the store is almost always Grade A which is lighter in colour and flavour.  It’s still very good, but I prefer a more robust flavour.  I found it.  Deep in colour and rich and robust in that smooth maple-y flavour.  It was perfect and it was formally known as Grade B.  I say “formally” because up until very recently, the grades of Maple Syrup were Grade A variations, Grade B and Grade C.  Now syrups are graded as shown in the below image.


So, what’s the point?  Simply put, making them all Grade A means they can all be sold retail (Grade C was not available retail) and the new labeling includes colour and taste.  Another plus is that the new labels make redundant the assumption that A is better than B. At the very least, I hope this will encourage people to try the stronger flavoured Maple Syrup.  If you haven’t, you won’t be sorry.

So there you have it.  A little about Maple Syrup.  Ditch that Aunt-so-&-so and pour the proper stuff on your pancakes, it’s Proper Delicious.


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