New beginnings & Maple Sugar!

Oh what grandiose ideas she had! Update frequently she said…

Here I am again, new beginnings. I’m going to be dedicated to this page this time. Today is a good day to start, it’s hot – 105°F.  I am not really sure what that means, considering I come from the world of Celcius. Shall I look it up? Ahh. Google. What would I do without you.  It’s 40°C.  That’s hot you know.  Where was I anyway?

Yes, so today is a good day to start. This time, there’ll be recipes. There’ll be ideas. There’ll be more love and devotion.  Whether you read it or not, I’ll be here.

So, lets get to it. My first week of the Farmer’s Market is this week. I have new things! Last year I discovered some people still buy pancake mix from a store. So there it was, the lightbulb.  I’d offer some mixes this year.  My first is a very basic pancake mix but it’s made from Maple Sugar! “What?” you say. “There is Maple SUGAR!” There is indeed! Plus, it’s better for you.  I bet you didn’t expect that!  Maple Sugar has only 11 calories and 3 carbohydrates per tsp compared with white sugar that has 16 calories and 4.2 carbohydrates.  Take THAT white sugar.

Course, you are eating pancakes… aaaannnnd your going to put real butter on them and real maple syrup. Still, every little bit helps right?

What else? I also have a brownie mix, beer bread mix and crisp mix for starters. All easy to make and all my own recipes that I turned into mixes for myself and now for you.  Don’t thank me now.  Thank me when your unexpected guests think you’re the hostess with the most-ess because you whipped up a brownie in moments.

For those of you who enjoyed my monster dip mix last year, it’s coming back and it’s bring friends.

OH! I almost forgot.. my Vanilla Extract is awesome this year. I found new beans and I ♥ them.  You will ♥ them too.  I also just discovered this ♥ symbol and I may or may not over use it.

Okay, Ciao for now.

Rowaida ♥



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