A Little About Me.

me and giant zuke

My name is Rowaida and I live in Iowa.  I moved here in July 2014 and I am rather liking this country-type life.  At least so far.

Quite simply, I love good food and I love to eat as clean as possible.  So, I spend half my time finding a way to make the food I love and staying away from horrible additives and junk.  This is not as simple as one would think in America.  Convenience food is, well, convenient!

Proper Delicious is a name I came up with because I am always saying it. If something is good it’s Proper Delicious.  Try it, it’s a rather a descriptive way of saying something is yum 🙂

For now, I am making Infused Maple Syrups, Vanilla Extract and baking mixes.  I’ll be making more as time goes on.

I’ll probably have changed this page the next time to you read it. So check back 🙂

Rowaida ♥



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