A Little About Me.


My name is Rowaida and I live in Iowa.  At the time of writing (because seriously, how many times am I going to update this page) I am 41 years old.  When did that happen? When do we suddenly become 40-something. Oh well.  Anyway, I moved here to small town Iowa in July 2014 and I have mixed feelings about this whole country life. More on that later, maybe, depending on whether I start a Rants page.

Quite simply, I love good food and I love to eat.  I am super frugal and so I spend spend half my time finding a way to make the food I love cheaply and staying away from horrible additives and junk.  This is not as simple as one would think in America.  Convenience food is convenient and healthy food is more expensive.  I blame… well, I’ll save that for a Rants page, if I start one.

It sounds like I’ll probably start one. I like to Rant. I have opinions on pretty much everything.  As I age, I’m noticing I have Sofia from the Golden Girls kind of vibe.  I’m not fighting it, Sofia was awesome.

This page is simple.  Don’t go looking for fancy photos because I can’t take them.  Oh, I’ve tried but I struggle with just keeping my photo blur to a minimum. This blog is to the point, informative and at times sarcastic.

Finally, Proper Delicious is a name I came up with in 2015 when I started making Proper Delicious maple syrup infusions.  I like it, so it’s staying… also, I had this blog page from way back then and the payment came out automatically every year, so I figured I may as well get my genius out there.

K, Bye.

Rowaida ♥


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