A bloody awesome strainer.

Okay, so I make homemade yogurt.  I do this because I am frugal and I want Greek yogurt all the time.  If I was rich, I’d probably just buy Oikos or Siggi’s yogurt and be done with it.

So because I am not one of those “I really enjoy making everything over-achiever” people I want things to be easy, simple and not take up too much space and time.

Enter the Kleynhuis Nylon Strainer.  I love this thing.  It’s the kind of love that made me stay up late and write this blog post when I could be sleeping love.  That’s a big deal.


  • It’s super easy to clean. The yogurt doesn’t stick to it, so it rinses out easy. Use a fragrance free soap to wash it so your yogurt smell like lemons the next time you strain.
  • It’s big.  It’ll hold a little over a gallon of yogurt.
  • It works with any colander because if it doesn’t fit over, you can just use the cord to tighten it on top.  The photos help make that sentence make sense.


  • I haven’t found one yet.  Honest.  They are not paying me, I promise.. I genuinely think if you make yogurt and want to Greek-a-fy it, you need this strainer.

Hey, so check out my “So you want to make you’re own yogurt!” post so you can do that.

Check out the photos.

Yogurt straining, All Greeked Up and the Whey.

K, Bye.


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